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Guide Dog Games Terms of Service

GuideDog Games is an online game distribution service. Users to the service access games through their GuideDog Games account, which allows for the purchases of various game-related items. Purchases may include game access, downloadable content, game expansions, or other items.

We don't believe in doublespeak, and we try not to be jerks. We've tried to write this ToS in a plain and clear manner, so nobody gets confused and so our users understand what's expected and allowed of them.

  1. Game features and access are purchased for a GuideDog Games account, not for individual computers. You can download and install any of your purchased games on any computer that can run both the game and the GuideDog Games client. Installation on multiple computers is fully allowed.

  2. You have to be logged in to your GuideDog Games account to play any of your games. Even though you can install games on multiple computers, you're only allowed to access your games from one computer at a time. If you try to log in from multiple places, you'll have to kick your other accounts off to get access to your games.

  3. GuideDog Games accounts are not transferrable. Don't share your account with other players, don't sell your account, and don't give your account away. If you do, we reserve the right to lock or delete your account.

  4. There's a two week limited warranty on everything - if you can't play the games that you buy because they crash, fail, or just plain don't run on your computer, we'll refund your money. Naturally all our users are trustworthy and would never try to get a refund for a game they've finished, but just in case we'll be checking the server logs before we allow refunds. If we find out if you've got hours of playing time before you tried to get a refund, we'll be pretty irritated and reserve the right to refuse a refund.

  5. The limited warranty doesn't cover stupidity or acts of god. If your computer spontaneously catches fire or your significant other moves out taking the computer with, that's not our fault and we won't refund your purchase. Even if there's an earthquake and your computer is crushed beneath a house, we still don't have to refund your purchase - but we'll definitely think about it, because man, that sucks.

  6. We reserve the right to ban, lock, or delete accounts we suspect of game hacking, GuideDog client hacking, or disruption of GuideDog service.

  7. Don't be a jerk. GuideDog Games is a service, but is also a community. As a community, we expect our members to be polite and respectful to each other. If you're a jerk and don't respond to warnings, we reserve the right to permanently kick you off the service, no matter how many games you've bought.

That's about it. Our goal is to get high quality games into the hands of players who are passionate about games. Have fun!

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