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Expanding Known Space

Game Genre:    Turn Based Strategy
OS Support:    WINDOWS
Date Added:    Jul 14, 2019
Company:       ValiantGalaxy Associates
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Download Link: ExpandingKnownSpace0.0.2.1Installer.exe

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The year is 2850 and the First Interstellar Wars have begun. The Interstellar Union, a frontier society of free-wheeling planetary systems have broken free of the older, more authoritarian, Solarian Federation. It is your mission as admiral of the fleet of your alliance to achieve victory. In Expanding Known Space, the player takes on the role of commander of the space fleets of one of the two alliances of humans in known Space. The game features six types of ships, forty planets, static and mobile hazards, intelligence gathering and more. The game uses a phase based system to simulate the farflung combat of the 28th century. The game is self-voicing and can be mastered quickly and easily with just a little effort. Five difficulty levels are provided to give more experienced players a challenge. Besides the standard mode, which provides four victory conditions that can be used to achieve victory, there are over 60 missions that can be played in addition to the standard game. The game is highly replayable, and a single mission may take anywhere from five minutes to several hours depending on the options selected.

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