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Traders of Known Space

Game Genre:    Turn Based Strategy
OS Support:    WINDOWS
Date Added:    Oct 10, 2014
Company:       ValiantGalaxy Associates
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Game Site:
Download Link: tradersOfKnownSpace0.0.0.5Installer.exe

This game is not yet available for sale.

Traders of Known Space is an exciting trading game.  During a time of war in
the fourth millennium, the player takes control of a trading ship.  In this
first free menu-driven game from Valiant Galaxy Associates, you must plot
courses between planets, learn where the best deals are to be found, and
avoid hazards and pirates on your way to your market.

TKS offers four lengths of game: short, standard, long, and unlimited.  The
short game takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.  In unlimited mode,
a person can quit the game at any time after the game has lasted two years of
game time.  Further, you can choose from three starting ship configurations:
normal, greedy with an immense amount of money but a stripped down ship or
aggressive with cannons to protect your cargo, but much less money than in
normal mode.  The game has two modes: map mode, in which you navigate your
ship around the galaxy and look at the best possible routes from one planet
to another, and planet mode in which the player can buy or sell items,
refuel, repair, or upgrade his or her ship, gather information about needed
products and hazards to be encountered, and a status menu.  When you move
from planet to planet you encounter fixed navigational hazards that might
damage your ship, delay you, etc  in addition, you occasionally encounter
random mobile hazards such as meteorites, pirates, and the occasional benefit
such as less fuel consumption.  While there is some combat in the game, the
primary focus of the game is trading.

The game is completely self-voicing, has a high scores menu that records the
ten highest scores, and a copy and paste function so that you can share your
adventures with others via email.  Since the game is menu-driven, it's easy
to stop playing a while if you need to answer the phone or do something else
for a little while. The game's map, hazards, and product distribution are
completely random, and provides hours of enjoyable play, and at the low cost
of free, that can't be beat.  Happy gaming!

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