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Game Genre:    Turn Based Strategy
OS Support:    WINDOWS
Date Added:    Oct 10, 2014
Company:       ValiantGalaxy Associates
Contact Email:
Game Site:
Download Link: Interceptor0.0.2.0Installer.exe

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Interceptor is a new game from Valiant Galaxy Associates that puts the player in command of a space fighter in a do or die mission to save its mother ship. As waves of alien fighters attack, the player must battle them, level by level. On certain levels the player will gain other targets such as alien supply vessels, alien command and control vessels, and possibly even their own mother ship. Interceptor has two modes: regular in which you must play strategically and worry about resource management, and quick mode which takes out many of the complicating factors and can act as a practice mode. In regular mode, not only do you need to worry about fuel consumption and ammunition levels but also about how damage negatively impacts your fighter. A hit to a vital system might destroy your fighter, a critical hit to a nonvital system might make your fighter a sitting duck. All systems interact, and choosing when, and how much, to repair is as important as where and who to shoot. Interceptor is completely self-voicing. The game is menu-driven, and there is no need to worry about being able to place your mouse in an exact position. Documentation is included with the game itself, and you can access our online documentation from inside the game. The game is forgiving, and if you must take a phone call or step away from your computer, your space battle will be waiting. With ten levels of regular play and a high level of random chance, the game is extremely replayable. The world of the Valiant Galaxy beckons and calls for heroes.

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