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Alter Aeon

Game Genre:    MUD Online RPG
OS Support:    ALL
Date Added:    Oct 10, 2014
Company:       DentinMud Internet Services
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Game Site:

Alter Aeon is one of the biggest MUDs in the world, with a very large
blind and visually impaired population and excellent VI support. The
game theme is fantasy based RPG, with swords and sorcery, dragons and
trolls, gods and demons.

The game is multiclass, allowing players to choose which classes to
level in what order to customize their character and unlock skill
sets. Some people become generalists with spells and skills from all
classes, while others use the practices from other classes to focus
on single class skills.

There's a huge number of areas, quests, and achievements - you'll
never run out of things to do:

- Over 500 fully original areas to explore

- Private 'instanced' areas so people don't interfere with each other
  in high-traffic places

- Over 300 learnable spells and skills spread across six major

- Over 500 quests of all different kinds, some short and easy, some
  long and involved

- Over a hundred available achievements

- A daily job system to allow players to hunt down items for a reward

There's also a lot of social and other features:

- There are player run clans, including clan areas and equipment

- Very good in-game chat and email, allowing players to set up their
  own public or private channels as necessary

- Optional PvP, including arenas and clan wars

- Equipment auction system and player-run shops that are web searchable

- Player account system for keeping track of characters and managing

- Lots of on-line resources, including a wiki, forum, mailing list,
  help pages, guides, maps, and articles.

- Custom client downloads with soundpacks and additional features,
  including a graphical client with health bars and map for non-VI

Come try it out today!

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