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FAQ Section 6 - Developer information

Question 6.1 - Why list with Guide Dog Games? Because high quality games are expensive to create. If not expensive in terms of money, then expensive in terms of time and effort. We'd like you to get paid for that time and effort, and we'd like you to spend your time making games instead of worrying about things like piracy.
Question 6.2 - What services does Guide Dog Games provide? The general services we provide to all games are: - We handle the purchases, dealing with refunds, and the other problems that invariably arise when dealing with money and people trying to buy things online. - We provide online update utilities to help you maintain and keep your game current. - We provide statistics and information on who'd purchased your games and who is playing them. - We provide several different kinds of anti-piracy features that you can use to protect your game. Our goal is to make it easy for developers to distribute their games, so they can spend more time developing and less time dealing with overhead.
Question 6.3 - What if I need a service not listed here? What you need might simply not be in this FAQ yet, or we might have to add it. Please contact us with your question via email at:
Question 6.4 - How can I list with Guide Dog Games? At this time, we're only accepting new games on a per-company basis. If you're interested, please email your questions and comments to:
Question 6.5 - Do I have to create a company to distribute my games? No - you can list as a person if needed. Your name will show up as the company name in your listing.
Question 6.6 - How much does it cost? We try to provide a lot of services to make life easier for developers, but we can't do it for free. Our initial pricing is still in flux, but our current cut is expected to be 35% of the gross revenue for your game, with a five dollar minimum price. This means that a sale of a $10.00 expansion pack would net the developer $6.50. Keep in mind that we're eating the credit card processing fees out of our cut. Our current plan for distributions is to either write a check or do some form of direct deposit on a monthly basis.
Question 6.7 - Where can I get more information? For more information, please see:

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