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Date Added:       Oct 10, 2014

Valiant Galaxy Associates is a small company for the design of audio games
and applications for visually impaired users.  Both of the founders, being
blind, wish to deliver useful and interesting products that not only we,
but others will enjoy. We design all of our products with our audience in
mind, and attempt to deliver the quality we ourselves demand with an eye to
keeping the expense to our customers low.  At this time, all of our audio
games take place in a single science fiction setting, the Valiant Galaxy. 
Having a standardized setting provides our products with a certain
uniformity of technologies, setting assumptions, and characters that allow
users to enjoy the games without having to relearn a setting at the same
time they learn a new game.  In the future we wish to work on other
products, such as useful applications for the blind community, but our
focus for now is on audio games.

Games produced by ValiantGalaxy Associates:

InterceptorTurn Based StrategyWINDOWS
Traders of Known SpaceTurn Based StrategyWINDOWS
YellowBonnetTurn Based StrategyWINDOWS
Expanding Known SpaceTurn Based StrategyWINDOWS

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